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9/2018 We are now a distributor for Kershaw SPEEDSAFE knives. These are USA mfg, assisted opening folding knifes.  Visit our product catalog page for more info. 

Triple R Products Llc Ar15 Carbine Bayonet Lug Extension

NOTICE:Triple R Products LLC AR15 Bayonet Adapters arePATENT PENDING

Why you will love this AR accessory: We all love our AR15 carbines, but when it comes to adding a bayonet, the short gas system used on these guns are just not design to accommodate. There are a few other products on the market that “compromise” instead of solve this design flaw. Some of these include backward facing flash hiders that give support to the hilt of the bayonet at the expense of reducing how much of the blade protrudes past the barrel. Other devices that “clamp” onto the barrel and all though they do work, they look very much out of place, aer slow to install and remove, and can effect rifle accuracy. Our quick attach and release extensions remove and install in seconds, are aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable and just plain works! Guaranteed to standup to your most aggressive training regiment time and again or your money back. Buy the best, don’t settle for the rest. 

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Triple R Products LLC M1A Adapter triple r products llc ar15 bayonet lug extension triple r products llc ar15 bayonet adapterextension firearms 

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M1A Bayonet Adapter, 

Solid mount version

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Ar15 Carbine Rifle Bayonet Adapter

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