AR15EXT006 Solid Mount Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension for AR15 rifles that have an Oversized Bayonet Lug $29.99 Each

Pn#: M9003 -  M9 bayonet.                        

MADE IN USA by Ontario Knife Company

12 1/8 overall. 7" 420 stainless blade with a non-reflective black oxide finish and milled sawteeth on top edge. Black thermoplastic nylon handle with black oxide coated steel guard and cap. Black thermoplastic nylon scabbard with wire cutter and universal military holster. Fits M-16 / M-4 and AR15 rifles $115.42

AR15EXT004 Solid Mount Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension for AR15 rifles with a MIL-SPEC bayonet lug $29.99 Each

Pn#: M7B002 - M7-B Bayonet      

MADE IN USA by Ontario Knife Company

New Modernize version of the M7 bayonet. The M7-B has the same blade, pummel and hilt as the govt. issue model and has been enhanced with  K-bar inspired extra grippy, handle. The M7-B retains everything that is good about the Govt issue M7 pairing it with a handle similair to what is used in the M9 bayonet. A real best of both worlds upgrade.   all the 11 3/4" overall. 6 3/4" 1095 carbon steel blade with a zinc phosphate finish. Black grooved thermoplastic nylon handle. Black molded plastic sheath with tension clip. Fits M-16, M-4 and AR-15  $64.95

AR15EXT008 Side mounted Bayonet Lug

Mounts between the front sight post on the exposed portion of the rifles barrel. Provides a side mount lug for the bayonet to attach to.  


AR15EXT003 Custom Length AR15 Solid Mount Style Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension $29.99

Pn#: M7001 -   M7 Government Issue Bayonet

MADE IN USA by Ontario Knife Company

11 3/4" overall. 6 3/4" black zinc phosphate coated 1095 carbon steel blade. Black checkered high impact plastic handles. Cordura and plastic sheath fits M16, M-4 and AR15 rifles  $74.95

Product Catalog

SWAG001 Company SWAG - 100% cotton Tees silk screened with our company logo. Available in Med, Large and XL

$25.00 Each

AR15EXT002 Custom Length AR15 Quick Release Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension $32.45  Each

AR15EXT001 Quick Release Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension for AR15 rifles with Mil-Spec bayonet lugs  $32.45 Each

Aluminum Magazines 10, 20 and 30 round capacities MADE IN USA

We offer a true American classic manufacutered  using cutting edge robotic manufacturing technology and a strong commitment to construct magazines with only the highest quality materials. These lightweight aluminum magazines are manufactured 100% start to finish in the USA using 6061 T0 grade aluminum, heat treated to a condition of T6, and hard coat anodized per MIL-A-8625 Type III class I for ultimate longevity.  

-Chrome Silicon Springs
-Mil Spec Polymer Followers
-6061 Aluminum Floor plate Hard-coat Anodized Black

-Hard Coat Anodized Mils Spec Grey

30 round Magazine: $13.95 Each

20 Round Magazine: $12.45 Each

10 Round Magazine: $12.35 Each

M1AADP001 Bayonet Adapter adapts M16/AR15  bayonets to M1A / M14 rifles 

$44.23 Each

AR15EXT005 Quick Release Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension  For AR15 rifles with an Over Sized bayonet lug $32.45 Each

AR15EXT007 Solid Mount Bayonet Adapter / Lug Extension witth picanti mount for AR15 rifles with a MIL-SPEC bayonet lug $46.32 Each

Pn#OKC3S004  - USMC Byonet licensed by the United States Marine Corps  

MADE IN USA by Ontario Knife Company

Designed to Marine Corps Military specifications for attachment to M16 / AR15 rifles, this bayonet features a black coated clip-point blade of a proprietary carbon steel formula, with a small 1-3/4" serrated section at the base of the blade and a sharpened upper swedge. The grooved handle is very grippy and resilient, for use with or without gloves. Comes wih hard MOLLE compatible sheath with strap down loops has drain holes for amphibious use, an embedded ceramic-coated aluminum sharpener on the back, and a sturdy ballistic nylon harness for attachment to load bearing equipment in multiple ways.

Handle is marked with USMC on one side (and on blade base) and 'globe and anchor' logo on reverse. Brown color is designed to match both woodland and desert camouflage schemes as well as to reduce IR signature $119.95