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USA Manufacturer of bayonet extensions, add on bayonet lugs for AR15 / AR10 platform rifles and distributor of Ontario Knife Company Bayonets and other edged knifes, LSA weapons oil (new prodcution), gun cleaning supplies, reciever flat bending jigs and many other unique products for the shooting sports industry.

Our line of MADE IN USA AR15 Bayonet Extensions and Clamp On Bayonet Lugs remove and install in seconds, are aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable & built to last


 We are a manufacturer and retailer of firearm accessories for AR15 / AR10 rifles. There’s much to see here, take your time and look around at the many unique AR15 accessories we offer like: LSA Weapons Oil (new production, latest mil spec revision, not expired, out of date surplus), clamp on bayonet lugs, bayonets, and so much more! *** For detailed product information & purchases, use the product menu tabs above.

Triple R Products LLC Product Validation Video

They say seeing is believing so here's  video of some serious use and abuse of our AR15 Bayonet extensions and and other informative  videos for your viewing pleasure.

KnifeUp's Interview with Ontario Knife Company

Big thanks to Ontario Knife Company for there support and high quality USA mfg'd M7, M7-B, M9 and Marine OCK3S Bayonets.

Guns N' Stuff - Third Party Independent Review

Disclaimer: Guns N'Stuff purchased products directly and performed their review independent of any influence from Triple R Product LLC.   Note: title picture in video is of a very old version of our AR15EXT001 bayonet extension and not representative of current products.


Solutions You Can Count On

Triple R Products LLC is dedicated to bringing the shooting community solid products that work. Founded in 2014 we have committed ourselves to supplying only American Made products of the highest quality. We engineer and manufacture many of the products we sell right in our facility and partner with top manufacturers for the other products we offer such as bayonets and military spec gun oils / LSA oil to bring you the best products available at competitive prices - All made right here in the USA.