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Made some cool mods to your AR15 and now your bayonet lug is in the wrong position?

1) Using tape measure - measure to back of Rifle lug shoulder as shown parallel with barrel, record distance from lug shoulder to the location where you want the handle side of the bayonet hilt ring to rest on the flash hider. Record measurement.

2) From our home page, click the "Click here to Order" button. This will take you to our shopping cart. Choose product number AR15EXT002 for the quick release style and AR15EXT003 for the solid mount style and complete checkout procedure.

When ordering , please note in the comments section your recorded measurement and any other information that you feel is relevant. 

You will be contacted via email confirming your order and for clarification regarding the information provided.

Good news! Triple R Products now offers custom length bayonet extensions available from .700" to 6.000" in length.  Follow the instructions below to determine the length required.  

Note: Due to the custom nature of this item, typical turn around on orders is approximately one week.  Can be had in both styles - quick release and solid mount. Bayonet extenders