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New for 2020 - We just release for sale our AR15EXT008 SureFire "shorty" bayonet lug extension.

This solves the problem of the bayonet not sliding back far enough to lock onto your rifles bayonet lug after installing a SureFire or similiar muzzle device. In stock, ready to ship


NOTICE:Triple R Products LLC AR15 Bayonet Adapters arePATENT PENDING


Triple R Products Llc Ar15 Carbine Bayonet Lug Extension

Why you will love this AR accessory: Bayonet Extender, Bayonet Extenders, extenders We all love our AR15 rifles in M4 configuration but when it comes to adding a bayonet, the short gas system used on these guns are just not designed for bayonet use. 
Our quick attach and release extensions remove and install in seconds, are aesthetically pleasing, extremely durable and just plain works! Guaranteed to stand-up to your most aggressive training regiment time and again or your money back. Buy the best, don’t settle for the rest. 

We sell our adapters under military contract and also into the civilian market. Unlike other similar looking products in the market, we manufacture our product from steel. We do this because bayonet extensions can see heavy impacts when used. Knock-off products made from aluminum will not have the same usable life span as our line of all steel adapter / extensions. The robustness of our designs and the strength of our products are why we are the only supplier of this product to the military. 

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Ar15 M4  Rifle Bayonet Adapter

M1A Bayonet Adapter, 


Dealers - Inquire about our volume programs. 

Bolt On Bayonet Lugs

Triple R Products LLC M1A Adapter triple r products llc ar15 bayonet lug extension triple r products llc ar15 bayonet adapterextension firearmsBayonet extender, extender

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Bayonet Extensions

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