The Solution:

Patent Pending design, adapter locates the bayonet to mil spec position on rifle. Our quick release style is adjustable to give a tight, precision fit while our solid mount style provides a more permanent option .  You be the judge -either style looks great on the gun, and provides proper spacing of your bayonet so the bayonet hilt rests in the mil spec location on your flash suppressor. 

Quick Release Style pn# AR15EXT001 shown with M7 bayonet

Solid Mount Design pn# AR15EXT004 shown with M7 Bayonet 

A word regarding barrel sleeves

Another product that fixes part of the issue. Advantages are: inexpensive.

Issues: this is a device that requires tools to install, but the big drawback to this design is the loss of blade length -nearly half ( over 3" of a 7" blade) making it less functional and bayonet looks odd when installed. It does not address the fact that the factory lug position is too far back, it only provides support for the bayonet so it does not "rattle" on the barrel.  

Triple R Products LLC Ar15 Bayonet Adapter

The Problem:

M4 length / Carbine AR15 rifles with legal length 16" barrels just are not designed for use with a bayonet, they have the lug but its more decoration than functional. As the pic displays - nearly half of your blade is behind the muzzle! there is no support for the forward band making for a super loose fitting, rattly, undesirable bayonet on your rifle. 

We offer two styles of bayonet lug adapter that fixes this problem. Both extend the bayonet forward locating the bayonet properly on the rifle. 

Our solid mount -patent pending design is made for customers that intend to install the adapter on their rifle long term. while our quick release design is targeted for customers that want to be able to quickly install and remove as needed.  Below are images of each to help in the decision of which is best for you.